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Holiday Discounts 2023

We offer deep discounts once a year. Stack up now for yourself or get a Massage or Yoga Therapy session for a loved one.

***CRAZY DISCOUNTED Yoga Therapy Discount at the Bottom***

Massage Therapy

20% off Table & Thai Massage

Table Massage (booked as Integrative Massage) addresses your individual needs the day you show up for your sessions, from addressing specific aches and pains to deep relaxation we've got you covered.

Thai Massage includes deep compressions and assisted stretching while clothed on a mat.  Thai Massage is called "the King of Massage" for a reason,  Come check it out at the discounted rate!

$20 off Yoga Therapy Appointments

Get $20 off Yoga Therapy Sessions-  Yoga Therapy with Trevor is based on Orthopedic and Ayurvedic assessment tools and your personal fitness or relaxation goals. Yoga Therapy is a great way to create a home practice for managing chronic pain or deepening your wellness routine.  From physical Yoga to Meditation we've got you covered.

Yoga Class
Yoga with Props
Yoga with Props

Yoga Therapy Package! 

CraZzZy Discount

FREE MASSAGE, plus $20 off 

This is package is usually only offered for new clients. This year we are making the "New Client Special - FREE Massage with Yoga Therapy session" available to all.

This package doesn't only include a FREE MASSAGE but an additional $20 off!

This deal is a great way to commit to yourself or a loved one's self-healing via the benefits of Yoga Therapy informed by Orthopedic & Ayurvedic Assessment. The first session is 2.5 hours including a 45-minute orthopedic assessment, FREE 60-minute Massage, and 45-minute custom tailored Yoga. Follow-up includes three, 60-minute Yoga Therapy sessions. In the follow-ups, Trevor checks your progress, helps refine your Yoga and Meditation practice, and gives you tools to increase your overall wellness empowering you with a home practice to transform your life. 

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