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Restorative Yoga + Massage

with Miriam

Nourishing. Affordable. Blissfully Relaxing.

These massage clinics will consist of a 90-minute Restorative YOGA class PLUS hands-on MASSAGE. (8-10 gentle postures, held for 5-10 minutes each.) This small group clinic will be limited to 4-5 people per session. (with Miriam)

Each person will receive a minute or two of hands-on massage per yoga posture. In addition, you will be guided through 5-10 minutes of pranayama (breathing techniques), and targeted deep-tissue "self-myofascial release" (SFMR) with MassageBalls. Not to mention some delightful warm towels on the feet, essential oils, and eye pillows to boot!

  • A great option for COUPLES, friends or small groups.

  • Excellent if you've NEVER HAD A MASSAGE.

  • Great for yoga beginners AND long-time practitioners.

  • Awesome for folks on a budget to RECIEVE MASSAGE (aren't we all?!).

  • All Bolsters, Yoga Mats, Blankets and Blocks will BE PROVIDED.

  • Hand-sanitizer and individual towels for each client to ensure a CLEAN & SAFE environment for everyone. 

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