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Thai Massage

What is Thai Massage?

​This style of bodywork is conducted completely clothed on a large mat on the floor and utilizes rhythmic compressions with the palms, elbows, forearms, and fingers of the therapist, gentle passive stretching, and a meditative pace. 



Thai Massage can get a bad wrap in two ways. Often, people experience "too much" pressure or pressure that is not adjusted to their personal needs. Secondly, Thai massage may be offered by practitioners without a health license, and therefore come along with a host of other challenges. 

Because Thai Massage can be practiced without a State Massage License in many places, I believe that sometimes the quality of bodywork can be slightly less professional and call to mind "massage parlors" of pseudo-professional repute. Secondly, the practitioner may be less trained in anatomy and physiology and hands-on training that ensures structural or physiological safety. Many clients who come to us having experienced Thai Massage elsewhere, are pleasantly surprised that we did not try to "twist them uncomfortably into a pretzel" and listened expertly to their desired amount of pressure and areas of complaint. In order to get the best Thai massage possible, it's important to communicate with your therapist regardless...but we make that as easy as possible with actively soliciting your moment-by-moment feedback.


Because we are licensed and trained fully as LMTs, we are required to do a thorough health intake and have been educated to incorporate the most effective technique for the goal at hand. We often slip other techniques outside of traditional Thai Massage into our sessions, to most effectively release, lengthen, or strengthen a client's tissues.  

Male Thai Yoga Massage Therapist on Mat
Female Massage Therapist Clothed Thai Massage
Perinatal Thai Yoga Massage near Metro Detroit
Professional Male Massage Therapist doing Thai Massage

A Thai Bodywork-inspired session with us not only utilizes traditional Thai Massage techniques, but also sometimes practices from Restorative Yoga, a different form of Assisted Stretching known as Active Isolated Stretching, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Energy Techniques.


The anatomical framework through which Thai Massage looks at the body is that of energy lines much like the meridians of Chinese Medicine (called "sen lines" in Thai Massage). Additionally, we look through the lense of Tom Myer's "Anatomy Trains" (a modern, western approach towards holistic anatomy) to focus on a whole-body solution to localized aches, pains, and postural issues). 



Thai Bodywork is great if you’re looking to deeply relax, reduce muscle tension, relieve stress, and experience gentle full-body stretches, and may enjoy deeper pressure. This style of bodywork is completely clothed on a large mat on the floor (or on the table if getting on the floor in difficult for you), so if you're ticklish or don't love to get undressed, this is a wonderful style of bodywork that can be completely tailored to your preferences of pressure. 

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