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Yoga for the Office

Would you love to bring Yoga Classes to your workplace? 

Are you a company interested in offering Yoga as a Wellness Class for your employees?




The Yoga Classes we offer for The Workplace have some important differences than your typical class found in a gym or yoga studio. Yoga classes at work are often smaller and more intimate than in large gyms. This means beginners can have a more relaxed and "questions welcome" atmosphere. Classes are also focused on what employees need the most. If you work in a tech office, maybe stretching out your hips, legs, and wrists are key. If you work in a factory where employees are on their feet all day, maybe a more restorative and stress-relieving session is in order. Classes are adapted to the physical and mental demands of the work environment. (All classes can be adapted with the beginner or advanced yogi in mind).



Chair Yoga for the Office 


This class will include joint-mobility exercises, mindfulness practices, and basic yoga stretches as they apply to chair yoga.  We will explore our seat (asana) and how to make our work-space a more dynamic and comfortable one. You will leave class with skills that you can integrate into your workday to transform your day from Mundane to Mindful, one breath at a time.  


Mindfulness and Alignment-Based Flow Yoga


This flow class will utilize mindful breath awareness while challenging our physical alignment and stamina in gently challenging Yoga Poses and sequences.  By utilizing the principles of alignment and inward focus, this class is appropriate for those new to yoga, as well as current yoga enthusiasts 


Ball Rolling (Self-Massage) and Yoga


This class gets deep into your "stuck-places" with various sizes of Self-Massage balls to knead away pain and postural issues through a combination of rolling and stretching. By focusing on key "Myofascial Meridians" this class will work systematically to open up your body's blindspots and find greater ease in stretches that might have been difficult for you.​ 


"Stress and back pain are two key factors leading to sickness absence at work. Recent research indicates that yoga can be effective for reducing perceived stress, alleviating back pain, and improving psychological well-being."

(Journal for Occupational Medicine, 2012)

Yoga at Work
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